Library Newsletter Spring 2014

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The first redesigned library newsletter was the spring issue- a larger size at 9×12 inches, and double the length at 16 pages. The design was started by an outside firm, but when they failed to complete the work, my in-house team finished the work, and created a graphic standards and style guide (a brand-new item for the organization.)

Shadow Divers Exhibit


Shadow Divers ExhibitClick image to enlarge. Nine dioramas created to represent separate events relating to the “Elmhurst Reads” program- the entire community reads the same book at the same time. Each diorama was handmade using paper, glue, tape, and LED lights. The display case was covered in paper with portholes cut out to view each. The children’s programs were featured at the bottom, and the adult programs (Including a Das Boot movie showing) were at the top.