Baby Aviator Hat



Note: I reinforce any embellishments like the buttons so they are not rip-off-able by tiny fingers. Interested? Contact me.


Pretty Bow Tie Hat


Two-color toddler hat with a bow.

  • Base price: $20
  • Toddler (2T-4T) Size: +$5
  • Two color: +$5
  • Bow embellishment: +$5

Bow hat: $35

Note: I reinforce any embellishments like the bow so they are not rip-off-able by tiny fingers. Interested? Contact me.

Striped Ombre Hat



Four-color striped ombre hats in adult small (blue), medium (green), and adult large (pink).

Price for each was:

  • Base price: $20
  • Adult Small (Medium) (Large): +$8 (+$9) (+$10)
  • Additional Color: +$5

Adult Small (blue) was $33

Adult Medium (green) was $34

Adult Large (pink) was $35

Reminder: Each hat is custom-kitted to your specifications. I do not have any in stock. Use the contact form if you are interested in ordering.


Knitted Hats


All my hats are custom knit. I don’t have any “in stock.” Base price for a single-color hat with no embellishments is $20.

Each increased size adds $1- Sizes are:

  • Preemie: +$0
  • Newborn (0-3 months): +$1
  • 3-6 months: +$2
  • 6-12 months: +$3
  • 1-2 years: +$4
  • Toddler (2T-4T): +$5
  • 5T: +$6
  • Child (5T+): $7
  • Adult Small: +$8
  • Adult Medium: +$9
  • Adult Large: +$10

Each embellishment adds $5.  Embellishments are: an additional color, a pompom, a bow, buttons, ear flaps, front flap, and more. If you chose a rolled brim instead of a ribbed brim, i deduct $5.


Example: This two-color preemie hat with a pom-pom is $30. See more hat example here.

Knit with a yarn that is washer and dryer safe. Vegan yarn is an option (no additional cost) Interested? Use the contact form to send me a note.

Pink Pussy Hats


This is not a moment, it’s a movement!

First thing first: I’m not profiting from these hats. I will not take any money in exchange for a hat. If you want a Pussy Hat, please donate to a cause you support, provide me with a receipt or proof of purchase, and I’ll make you a hat. If you really want to support me, you can send a skein of pink yarn my way. Use the Contact form if you’re interested.